Trouble Finding Selector

I am currently at a stand still in this build as I cannot figure out how to identify these selectors.

My goal is to be able to use the selector along with “click” to identify these two items:

However, they are not found as unique items, rather just the Unassigned is found as a selector.

I know in theory I could use a click image activity but I would rather use a normal click for long term reliability. Does anyone have any ideas of things to try that I am perhaps missing?

Here is a picture of the explorer when looking at selectors.

somtimes, RPA platforms (not only Uipath) cannot indicate objects on screen as in your case.
In that case, you need to workaround by other technical like click image, or use hot keys

Try changing the Ui Frameworks to see if it can better identify selectors.

Doesn’t help. It still cannot recognize those files within the Unassigned box.

I guess I solved it for now, since I could identify the title bar of Unassigned I then inputted a Y-axis change to lower down where the click takes place.

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