Trouble datascraping a website

Hi all,

I want to use Data Scraping in Website : Tủ lạnh giá rẻ, tủ lạnh toshiba, panasonic, hitachi, side by side giá rẻ

But I have trouble with " Next Button " as highlight in below picture.

Could you pls try and guide to me.

Thanks you so much!

what happen when you click “Next Button”


On this web, when I click on " Next " button, it will go to the next page. But when I use Data Scraping, the " NextLinkSelector " seem has issue, it run not exactly.

I have captured as below picture… I want to change the number in red highlight but I don’t know how to do.

This is the " NextLinkSelector " setting.


I want to use NextLinkSelector to next all page of this web page. But current, it only go to 2nd page and stop.

Pls guide me edit some setting as below

Anyone can help me.

Thanks !