Trouble connecting robot with Orchestrator - generic message

When I try to connect the robot with orchestrator, I am getting this generic message saying a task was cancelled. The machine is on Orchestrator and the URL that I am using is the one that I use to access orchestrator. Is there any way to determine what the real issue is?

Check if UiRobot is being blocked by firewall. See Event Viewer to get other details.

Hi @mayclan71

Machine name of your system and the one you mention in the machine tab in Orchestrator must be same…
Here you have mentioned as Tom…as machine name…
Is the machine name in your system…i hope it wont be…buddy @mayclan71
Moreover tye status in you robot tray looks like offline…that is the machine is not connected to the Orchestrator…
So kindly follow the below steps that could resolve your issue…

  1. Copy the machine name in your system and paste the same in machine tab in orchestrator and create a machine
  2. Make sure you create a robot with the above machine name and a environment as well and tag that robot to that environment…
  3. Once after the robot with the machine name been tagged to the environment…now come to robot tray here in your machine…paste the URL and machine Key obtained from the Orchestrator machine tab and try to connect now…
    It will work for sure
    Kindly try this and let know whether this works or not buddy
    Cheers @mayclan71

Thanks, don’t know why I had that machine name in there. I have changed it. when I click on the + sign to add a robot in orchestrator, nothing happens. I am using my account that has admin access. Any thoughts?

did that show anything on pressing + to create a new robot
well i think you can keep the new machine name in your already existing robot
no need of creating new robot and add that machine name rather you can update in the existing robot itself
or is there any specific reason creating a new robot
Cheers @mayclan71

I have created the machine in orchestrator as in your #1 above.

I have just updated the robot. I can’t add a robot in orchestrator.

Hi @mayclan71

Was your issue resolved? It can happen that Orchestrator was in a maintenance mode which would result in you temporarily not being able to connect.

This also means that it could just as well be a connection issue with a firewall blocking the request and/or response.

buddy kindly disable your firewall and try once…that should work for sure
as it may block the request from machine to orchestrator

Cheers @mayclan71

Just got off the phone with the person who installed orchestrator. The main issue is that when they installed orchestrator, they used the wrong license file. I couldn’t create a robot and obviously other issues. Everything works now.

Thanks for your help.

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Thats great
Cheers @mayclan71