Trim symbol in excel

I would like to trim out the random symbol in excel. I tried to use read range and out put a dt in uipath, however I cannot read the range start from A1. out of range error occurred and anyone can help? Many thanks.


Correct me if im wrong, from your query i understand that you need to read data from this excel in which your header are starting from ‘A2’. If this is the case in read range activity provide the range value to ‘A2’ and check on Add headers then you will get a dt with 2nd row as its header.


Thanks but the row A1 are variable which means it may appear in A3 or A4, therefore I would like to use the condition if it contains “=” then remove it. When I tried to use read range errors occurred.

once after you have read range without giving range and unselect add headers,
in for each row have one if condition not(row.item(0).tostring.equals("=") or row.item(0).tostring.equals("-") ) then add these rows to new data table and write the new data table to your destination file.

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@raymondhui You want to remove it or you want to ignore it ?

As, you can read the full excel using read range activity and give cell as “A1” and then,
by using For each row activity you can have the if condition inside loop. Stated as if (row(0).tostring.contains("=")) Then do this… and else do that…

Thanks for you guys answer.

Yes, i forgot the if condition and only focus on regex…