Trim Special Character


I had extracted file from PDF to Excel but in Excel # become . How to remove word with # in Excel file?

If you are using Google OCR to read PDF, use denied characters in properties.


Hi @Vivek_Arunagiri , Im not using OCR, I use Assign as Start Index and End Index .


I think its not excel issue. can you do like below
after you extracted data from PDF, print the data and see the data.

Hi @venkat4u,

Actually I want to extract middle word below the Title using Start Index and End Index. I tried to Trim # but after I looked at Excel it become . All text in tabular data.



i think it contains some hyper link.
why dont you remove the # before you move to excel…?

can you share your XAML with PDF …?

I tried to move before extract but seem it failed.
Attached my xaml.
Project Information.pdf (42.1 KB)
Sequence.xaml (8.9 KB)

i just tested your XAML file i am not getting any issue like u mentioned…

please check again…

Ya its ok…its only dummy pdf as actual one is confidential…i think as u mentioned maybe the pdf have hyperlink or any other criteria.

okay. i can understood.

As per the exception, before you copy to excel itself you are getting issue. so i assume there is no issue with excel.

you need to check while you trying to get the data using the assign activites.

can you debug and see where you can do

I got this when Write Line.

I think it cant recognize # icon in PDF.
So, my other method is to extract all to Excel then Trim at Excel itself.