Triggers/SLA/Folders in orchestrator


What is the use of triggers, SLA tab and Folders option in orchestrator?

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—Triggers enable you to execute jobs in a preplanned manner, at regular intervals (time triggers) or whenever new items are added to your queues (queue triggers).

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—Folders enable you to maintain fine-grained control over automations and their intrinsic entities, and personnel across the entire organization. There are two types of folders available in Orchestrator: Classic and Modern . Classic folders are enabled by default while the Modern folders functionality must be enabled by the host or tenant

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SLA tab

Displays information pertaining to the SLA and Risk SLA of all the queues in the current folder with enabled SLA predictions. This helps you assess if the newly added queue items can be processed in a timely

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You can refer to below links

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Triggers i can understand, but in case of folders and SLA can anyone explain with scenario where these two functionality can be used.