Triggers (Queue Based)

Would like to see more flexibility around Queue-based Triggers. I know that you can set a specific Date & Time to “Disable” a Trigger, but then would like to also set a Date/Time that they Trigger would re-activate. For example, If we have a high volume Queue with lots of Transactions and it will take hours (overnight) to run and process all those Transactions, but we also know that some of our Applications/Systems/Services go down in the middle of the night for an hour or two, so we would want to stop the Triggers for a few hours and then start them back up again once the maintenance hours are over with.
Or, is there currently a way to work around this issue…? Would want to keep Triggers Queue-based so that they continually process Transactions, if using a Scheduled Trigger, if the Job fails, then the Schedule stops and no longer runs, so not useful in this scenario.

Nice suggestion.

Regarding your workaround. You can have a condition to check current time before getting a transaction item. If time is during maintenance timeframe, then don’t retrieve a transaction item and end process. By default, queue trigger will check for new items every 30 minutes. So you will have a couple of jobs that run during maintenance timeframe but didn’t retrieve/process any item.

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Thanks @Scott_Taylor

I’ve saved this suggestion in our tracker so that our team can review it and put it on the roadmap :slight_smile:

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