Triggers in Orchestrator

Hello Team,

I have a scenario and wanted to understand how would this work using Triggers of Orchestrator.

Suppose we have 3 processes(PA, PB and PC) and their respective 3 queues(PAQ, PBQ, PCQ) that are getting populated from a third party applications. The environment also has 3 robot machines(MA, MB and MC) in it. Now, If i am not mistaken, each time an item is added to the queue, the process would get triggered on any available bot machine from the environment.

If PAQ gets populated with 3 new items then, will 3 instances of PA will be triggered each one on MA, MB and MC ? Or only 1 instance of the process PAQ will be triggered on any 1 machine(MA, MB & MC)?

What if one items is in “running” state and other item comes in the queue? will it trigger 2nd instance of the same process in another available machine or will it not trigger the new instance of the process as one instance is already running? What if no machine are available? will it create a “pending” instance of this run or will it give exception?