Triggers and jobs on orchestrator did not work

i created a robot on orchestrator, add it to machine and enviroment and i connect to my computer and every thing seems to be fine but when i create ajob or a trigger it does not do anything, i can see the robot icon apear on my taskbar and on orchestrator the state of the job is Successful but the program did not run !!!
help me fix this please

What do you see in logs? Also, check the main.xaml to see if it is invoking other workflows

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this is the logs

and yes in main i invoke other method but its in the same workflow

cheers @Rocki_Jan

Hi @Abdulkader_Sandouka1,
Is it possible to see your project? (just remove any sensitive data)

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hi @Pablito,
my workflow is in this topic (you can find it in a zip file in the last line)

and thanks in advance

Have, you tried to debug the whole process. It looks for me like some of your conditions may just not work like they should and your process ends with successful status because whole job is going to the end of process. Probably that’s why no job is observed on computer.

hello @Pablito,
yes i did and apparently i was using an older package, i updated it and it works fine now.
thank for your help.


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