Triggering .xaml file in machine 1 from machine2's orchestrator

Hi All,
I am new to uipath. I have requirement. I need to trigger the XXX .xaml file in machine1 from machine2.
So I created login in orchestrator [eg: tenant1].
Configured the process. I am able to execute XXX.xaml frol machine1’ orchestrator
From machine 2 when I tried to login using “tenant1” it is saying invalid username/password.
URL used -

Please provide solution for this. Thanks a Lot!

publish the code from Machine 1 and run the process from UiRobot from Machine 2.

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Thanks for the reply. I published the code in machine 1 and able to trigger it from machine 1.
But I am not able to login to orchestrator on machine 2 using the credentials created in machine 1.

Login to Orchestrator is not related to machine, it’s just a web application, but if you are using community version of orchestrator then you can configure 2 Dev machine, before run the bot check weather you connected your second machine to orchestrator or not. Then check the heartbeat of the second machine once you publish new code use that in orchestrator as a working package. Then run the process bin second bot.

While login to Orchestrator you need to provide three details.

  1. Tenant (by default it will be blank, you need to click on change and type your tenant name)
  2. User id or mail id
  3. Password
    Have you provide all the three details?