Triggering a Job to only look/run for new rows of data?

Hey folks,

I’m streamlining a process, where a user will submit data that gets pumped into a sheet via webhook. I then want to submit that on their behalf onsite.

In the Studio UI, I’ve gotten it to run through one row of static data with no problems. All my actions are set up with data from Row 2 of a sheet and that’s good.

But how will I tell the job to only run for new rows of data in the sheet? E.g. new data’s submitted to Row 3 and I want the job to run, but only for Row 3. I wouldn’t want Row 2 to be included in the job again. I looked at “For each row” in the Excel actions, but it didn’t seem to be what I needed.

What advice would you have for me?
Thank you!


Instead of looking for row wise, you can try while user submit data you can add a identifier to another column as New, now when you run that particular transaction make that to processed

So you can always check the column whether it is Processed or not

Below is sample


Hope this helps


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Thank you for the note — this seems like a lot of what I’m looking for.

Would you run some check at the start of the flow to figure out that we’re going to be referencing Row 3? Or would you build that logic into some IF statement inside the Advanced Editor for each of the steps?

If that’s confusing, maybe a better way to ask: if I add these tags, how would I then make the Job know which row to reference?