Trigger robot via outlook mail message


What’d be the best way to trigger my robot.bat file via incoming outlook mail message. I know that MS disabled “run script” rule from outlook and that you can get feature back editing registry. That said are there any other options?



Looks this will work,

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Ended up using .bat file and built VB script rule to outlook to run robot.bat when certain email arrives. Outlook warning mechanism triggered because uipath software was trying to use its address book. Disabling this setting in options solved everything…

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Can you post your script here? If you want :smiley:

Sure it was something like this:
Naturally you have to enable outlook to run scripts first. Here are instructions to enable that:
In outlook rules you can define for example from which address script triggering works etc…

Script in Outlook looks like this:

Sub ProgramName(MyMail As MailItem)
If InStr(1, MyMail.Subject, “Whatever email msg you want to trigger”) > 0 Then
Shell “c:\temp\a.bat”
Shell “c:\temp\b.bat”
Shell “c:\temp\c.bat”
End If
End Sub

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Thank you !

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