Trigger process on demand

Hi everyone,

Have you ever came across a situtation that you need to trigger bot on demand?

I mean an action when you don’t have to use UiPath license at all, and for example it triggers a job by API when something happens (mail was received in mailbox etc.).
Did you find any solution to such a situation that actually works?


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Hi @jjk7

Check this

Orchestrator API - how to trigger a process


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I know how to use API, what I mean is how to trigger process on demand without using UiPath license at the begining of the process.

hope this would help you
–yah we can create a schedule to run once in 5 mins where that process will look for mail with specific body content in it like “Trigger Bot”
–now if the bot finds any mail with body content as such, it will trigger the process
–so for that when we get any demand to run a process, we can send a mail to that mailid with a body content like “Trigger Bot” so the schedule will look for such mail body content every five mins and if found it will run the process

Cheers @jjk7

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But when you are running the schedule, you are using the license, and what I wrote earlier I do not want this.
In situation when your robot is working whole day and there is no item to process you are still using whole license and it is useless.

What I mean is probably some looped script solution monitoring something or some button which sends request and starts the job on demand?

i dont get this buddy
with which we are going to execute the process…uipath only right
then how come without using robot license we could

even for this you need to keep the uipath robot to be on (like connected) to take the button kind of trigger

Cheers @jjk7

The solution is simple:

  • your trigger should create a flag file (content not important, only the presence)
  • have cron or other scheduler check on the flag file each minute (or whatever you need)
  • if the file exists, invoke the API (now you are using the license)
  • have the process delete the flag file when run

When you have a process and it triggers every 5 min to check something it is using UiPath robot license which apperantly is not for free. In case when there is not too many cases to process, you use the whole license but robot productivity is almost near to 0.

That is why I am looking for a solution which does not involve UiPath at all at the beginning to optimize license usage.

Ok, did it myself, wrote the PS script that works 24/7 on a server and watches the mailbox with certain topic, then triggers job by API. So it is possible not to waste any licenses and let robot run on demand :slight_smile:

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