Trigger Options

When i created a file change trigger i added all options but my only intention was to get the trigger to execute when an x file was executed but I didn’t find that option. I would like the trigger to triggered only 6 times a day which is when the file is executed.

Hi @Tomas_Lacarte,
Their are two “Properties” - “FileName” and “Path” which specifies to a particular file.
Note:- The extension of file filename in “FileName” property is mandatory.

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Thanks for the answer. “caminhoExcel” is a variable, inside this name have a path of archive (C:\Users\user\Documents\UiPath\TropicsControleDePatio v1.2 (Futuro proximo)\RPA\RPA - PROD.xlsm). I put “size” and “Attribute” type to propertie, because the archive mentioned above is processed six times in a day and size of archive increases every process so the trigger theoretically would have to be triggered six times a day but trigger is triggered a lot of times in one day sequentially and causing some errors in RPA. I wanted the trigger to actioned six times in a day only.