Trigger on demand

Hi Everyone, I want to know if there is any way to trigger an unattended bot on demand. So, I understand the time trigger but is there any way we can schedule the time trigger to start after an event? To my understanding, the time trigger activates as soon as you create it and can stop after a specified time or date, Is there any way we can specify when the time trigger would start or trigger to start by some event. Also, I cannot use Queue trigger as I would like the feature of weekly trigger.
In short, I want a weekly trigger on a unattended bot only to start after some type of event.

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May i know what kinds of events by which you need to trigger your robot?

Apart from directly running via orchestrator, you can utlize Orchestrator API calls to run the bots

Nived N

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For example if I want to trigger an unattended robot to monitor the price fluctuation of a cryptocurrency price every hour. Also, This trigger will only execute if the user wants to opt out for a notification for the price fluctuation.
The flow goes something like this: User input(yes or no to receive notification for price fluctuation)->yes->triggers an unattended robot to run the monitor price fluctuation process.