Trigger not start process

My Trigger Not working in Community Edition, But manual can run
in trigger, I have seen “Start in a few second” But no jobs started

How can I troubleshoot ? Thank you.
@loginerror @Forum_Staff Help me

@Angelo_Savino - Trigger created based on time/queue ?
can you please share the trigger related screenshot ?

All my trigger are created based on time and all don’t start automatically…
I had the same problem last month and after several reports have opened an incidence on the quartz community cloud…

This is the topic of last month

This il my list of trigger started… it should start every 10 minutes…

@Angelo_Savino - Process -> Execution Target selection -> is it specific robot selected or dynamic allocation?

specific robot…
if you look at the start times you see that the 10 minutes between the triggers are not respected and they are completely random…

@Angelo_Savino - can navigate to the trigger -> select above process -> edit -> share the screenshot?

But all my trigger not work… not only this…

@Angelo_Savino – ok - for just a quick verification -> can modify you the trigger as below –

modify interval frequency -> from Advanced to Minutes -> and type 10 in minutes textbox
-> verify the trigger scheduler job timings after couple of executions and let us know!

It might have been some temporary issue. Is it fixed by now? :slight_smile:

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