Trigger job in Orchestrator upon clicking the website button


I would like to ask if there a tutorial on how to trigger a job in orchestrator upon clicking a button in a website.

I have a robot in orchestrator that will reset a password. Now I would like to trigger that robot upon clicking the submit button. below is a sample screenshot of a site.

your assistance is greatly appreciated.

hi @criskitz

You could have a Monitor events activity in the 1st process that will start the 2nd job (using Start Job activity in Studio) when you click submit button.

by the way this site will be accessible by any users using their own pc. is there a sample xaml that has the monitor event and Start Job activity? I really dont have an idea how does it work.

thank you!

You would need to have front end robots on each persons machine for that to work. It would trigger from the persons PC.

The only other way would be to send this task when the user clicks the submit button (via an email) to a robot that is running a process for it to reset the password back end.

i think it is not ideal to have each users to have a robot on their pc. their only business is to have their password reset and nothing to do with the robot.

Please correct me if I’m wrong… so the other way is to send a task(password reset robot) to an email(outlook) whenever a user click the submit button?

When requesting for a password reset is this for an internal system?

If yes, where does the request for the password reset go to?

yes it is for an internal system or let say an application. I have already a robot that will process the password reset in this application. i can already trigger this manually in orchestrator or via UiRobot.

now my goal is, to create a site where users will fill up the needed information(username, email etc). once the needed information are in place…user will click the submit button.

upon clicking the submit button i would like to call/trigger the robot in orchestrator to do the password reset.

Hi @criskitz

You could try to program it so that when the user clicks the submit button, the input data is saved to a particular location on the harddrive. It is possible to have the robot that monitors the specific file for changes using File Change Trigger activity.

Then you could continue from there.

actually I do have not problem with the data being save. my concern is how to trigger the robot upon clicking the submit button. :slight_smile:

The idea here would be to have a bot monitoring a file change that would happen when user clicks submit button. Based on that trigger, as suggested by @ovi, you could start your second process.

If you are using Orchestrator, you could use Orchestrator API to launch your job.

In other words:

  1. User fills in a form
  2. User clicks submit
  3. The click generates a file that is being watched by a robot
  4. Another job is launched based on that trigger.

it is getting brighter now!

Yes I will use the Orchestrator to launch the job.

so this will be the flow right?

  1. user fill in the form
  2. click submit button
  3. a bot that monitor the click will be triggered
  4. that monitoring bot which has a second job will then use Orchestrator API to trigger the robot that will reset password

how will I do this?
3. a bot that monitor the click will be triggered
4. that monitoring bot which has a second job will then use Orchestrator API to trigger the robot that will reset password

is there a sample xaml that i can reference with?

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You can have it that when the user clicks the submit button on the form, it can send those details to a mailbox which the robot can monitor - when an email is received the robot can then complete the password reset process.
The robot can be running continuously on the process.

this is the sample site:

Im not sure how to do the sending to the email… if you have a sample xaml it will be much appreciated.


by the way there will be no installing of robot to the end users right?

You can install robots to end users however you will need a license per user.
Attended vs Unattended robots

I am assuming you own the google form(Something like this) - you would need to amend the for so that when a user clicks submit on the form, it sends a notification email to a seperate mailbox with the information required.

A robot would seperately be monitoring that mailbox for password resets.

i think this is not ideal on our setup. we have numerous users that will request password reset and also they are third party. so installing robot to them will not work.

@loginerror do you have a sample xaml that uses API?

His example is the same as mine, you need to make changes to the form first for it to independantly create something for the robot to look for.

Either send an email or create a file - a robot wont do this part (development to the form is required)

Unfortunately I am not just there with my knowledge of Orchestrator to produce something with the API on the spot. There is quite some documentation though in the resources on the UiPath website that you could go through.


You can use the ‘Start Job’ activity which could initiate the password reset process