Trigger an automation by keyboard

Hi so i need to create an automation to display the time by searching “current time” on google and display the copied message in message box. I have to trigger this automation using keyboard but im not sure how to do that.


For displaying the time from google? Is it the local time of the PC then you can place a message box and try the below

For shortcut to run the process, you can publish it as package and your UiPath Assistance can show the Process, then go to UiPath Assistance, Click Settings button and navigate to Keyshortcut, there you can see all the available process and you get a option Add Shortcut like below

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So first i need to create a record sequence of me going to google and typing current time and save it as a sequence and then i would add a message box underneath the sequence and type Date.Now.ToString?

If you record sequence from google then no need of placing date.Now.ToString

to avoid google you can do date.Now.Tostring, this will give the local laptop time to the user

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I might be recording my sequence wrong. I click on record and then web and then when it starts recording I click the url of the google page so it saves it and then i type current time in the search field and once it displays the page with the information i pause the recording and i go to the text field in the recording sequence and i click copy text and i click on the time information that google displayed but for some reason it still isn’t working. Like when i try to run it it shows error.

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