Trigger actions when element is visible

I want to do a series of actions once a element on a website is visible.

This is what I have:
Monitor events: -> Element exists (logo google)
-> event handler: Attachbrowser ‘Google Page’ -> Do: Type into’INPUT lst-ib’

Bassicly I want to have uitpath check untill an element from the google website appears (example: logo)
Once it appears I want it to do a search for something (for example: test)

I don’t understand what I’m missing here.

Thanks for helping!

googletest.xaml (7.9 KB)

I got it to work with the On Element Appear activity, so that might be an option for you.

I’m wondering if the Monitor Events only work with Trigger activities, such as Click Trigger and Key Press Trigger.



Correct - MonitorEvents requires a Trigger activity to function.
OnElementAppear is a good solution (especially since it supports WaitVisible, WaitActive and WaitForReady).

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