Trigger a Robot by passing Arguments / Trigger a Robot as soon as Queue item is added


Hi all,

can you please help me in achieving something. I could not find any solution so far in the forum.

I want to process a record as soon as a item is added to SharePoint list. I could think of two solutions

  1. Write an SharePoint API to trigger a robot as on item added event of SharePoint.
    Question : Can we pass argument to robot when it is triggered via API ?
    Problem : if we are not able to pass any argument (indicator) of item being added and there are many items added by many users at the same time, then more than one robots may start working on one item.

  2. Write an API to to add the item into Orchestrator Queue
    Question : is there any way to trigger a robot and look for new transaction in the queue as soon as it is added?
    problem : client want immediate response. if we schedule a robot to monitor the queue, then it is not the meeting the requirement of immediate response.

Can use asset(s) because there will be like 100 items added by multiple users across the globe.


Hi @rajivtuli2512,

please check this.


Thanks, but in this case we would have to run the robot from remote system and Orchestrator will not have control over it?