Trigger a retry on failure after half an hour

Hi Team,

Can anyone suggest me the solution for below query?

I have a workflow to run a business process…Where i need to open a browser and should check the status …if the status is fail …the same workflow should be retried after half an hour without using an orchestrator trigger/Delay activity…Is that possible to achieve the solution for this query…

Pls let know if anyone has a solution for above mentioned query!


Hi @praveenchintu374

I don’t think so it is possible.

You use orchestrator trigger, if not run the process manually after half an hour


Hi @praveenchintu374,
when the status is “fail”, you can send an API call to set a trigger using the orchestrator API. Then again you can check for triggers at the beginning of your process and deactivate the trigger using the orchestrator API. Hence, the process runs only when demanded.

You can use do While loop on your whole workflow and check for the status in condition on every iteration. if the status is fail whole workflow will be executed again, if status is true do while loop ends. You can also apply IF condition on workflow inside DoWhile loop to check for time.

But if the status is fail the loop should pass and run the same workflow after half an hour without using delay activity

Yes you can use IF condition inside do while over your workflow to execute the process after half hour. You have to compare the current time with the last execution time, If there is a difference of half hour process should run and check the status to be done, if the status is done loop ends as well as process ends

Can you please share the template like how the workflow should be built

You can see the above template for your help.