Trigger a process when mail found

1. Before running the Mail_Trigger_Sample workflow, you will need to set:

Email address:



Also, please make sure you set your MailFolder, Port, and Serverin the GetIMAPMailMessages activity properties. By default, the Workflow is configured to work with the Gmail settings.


2. When the Workflow is running, it checks your email for new messages (using the GetIMAPMailMessages activity). If no new email is found, it waits for 60 seconds and then it tries again. You can change the waiting time to other value, within the Delayactivity.

3. If a new email is found, it is marked as read (you can change that by un-checking the MarkAsRead property in the GetIMAPMailMessages activity)

4. The Workflow then checks if the email’s subject contains the keyword. If there’s a match, the Process_Email Workflow is invoked and the email body is passed as an argument (Body)

5. The Process_Email W orkflow will pop up a window with the message body.

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