Trigger a bot with an excel file which needs update everyday

Hi, I made a bot which sends progress report daily to the manager. User updates the info in an excel sheet every day which is sent to the project manager at 5 pm daily. How do I trigger the bot then?

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To trigger the bot on a schedule basis

U had to schedule ur robot in the orchestrator so that u can run it every day at 5pm


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But then how will i update the excel sheet everyday on orchestrator?

I didn’t understand ur point

Hi @lovish.bansal

User updates the info in an excel - Take one IN argument in Main.xaml for storing the File Path with name and go to triggers and mention the updated excel path in Parameters from orchestartor, this will work.


Thanks Latika, I think it would work. But how about if i create an asset and then get path from that asset. Would it work?

@lovish.bansal yes you can take asset type as Text.


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