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Hi everyone!

I am trying to create a Trello card through UiPath and cant find a tutorial to do this anywhere. I have the token, key and the web package in uipath. Can you please help me?

Thank you in advance!

Hi Sofia!

You can use the HTTP Request activity in UiPath alongside with the Trello API, refer to this documentation for how to use HTTP Request:

To create a card, you need to follow this documentation:

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Hi Marcelo! Thank you so much for taking the time to reply!

I have seen these links, however it doesnt specify where to put the code… For example;

POST /1/cards - is for making a new card, but where to put this? Ive tried to put it after the key and token but it doesnt work. Should it be put somewhere in the properties section? It looks like this for me;

Thank you!!


In the endpoint you must add only and then, in the parameters section of the properties tab, you add each parameter as depicted in:

Thank you so much Marcelo, it worked :smiley:

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