Travel Management System

Hi Buddies,

Can you suggest me ,

I am planning to develop a BOT, For Travel planning ,


  1. Give the Best Flight Price
  2. Give Hotel Recommendations
  3. Best Place to Visit in that particular City
  4. Best time to visit

Like this time chat GPT suggested, Can I achieve this with UiPath with AI capabilities or any other

Hi @JSR_Techno_Talk_s

UiPath enables seamless integration with third-party APIs, allowing you to access data from flight aggregators, hotel booking platforms, weather services, and more. By integrating with these APIs, you can retrieve data such as flight availability, hotel details, weather information, and the best time to visit specific destinations.

Other way is you can integrate UiPath with chatbot platforms such as Dialogflow. This integration allows you to receive user inputs, process them using the aforementioned AI capabilities, and provide responses within the chatbot interface.


Hi Nitya,

Any link (tutorial or video) you have so I can understand better, I am new to this.

Hi @JSR_Techno_Talk_s

UiPath | Travel Buddy Robot | Flight Booking Automation Use Case | Get Flight Prices | RPA Tutorial - YouTube

(17) How to build the Chat bot using RPA UiPath and Dialog flow with an API Integration step by step. - YouTube