Transposing a data extract from web to a better formed structured table

I’m using a sequence for web scraping that cycles through single web pages for some product detail and outputs to a table. That step is working as expected. Where I am getting stumped is how to transpose the data effectively. (I’m outputting the resulting data table to a CSV file)

The resulting Datatable (or output to CSV) looks like this:


I need to transpose/pivot the data to look like this:

Any ideas? I wasn’t able to find anything in the forums for a similar scenario.

Can you please share your web URL

I can’t unfortunately - The transpose step is what’s most important here though.

Try data scraping column wise, or otherwise u can loop the existed datatable and add required data to another datatable.

I’m not sure how data scraping column wise would work, as the web table is structured exactly in the first table example. When I select “No” in the wizard, I can’t figure out which combinations to use to pivot rows to columns.