Transpose alternative?


I have a set of data that are needed to be outputted columns by columns like this :


Yellow marks current output I got, and the green one marks the output I want. I’ve been trying to do transpose (using community package, manual workflow and a lot). I was thinking an transpose alternative.

Can I link the value to the customer ID? Like making a join and then output it columns by columns…

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Hey @Rhys18

Sorry, I’m not getting the business rule for mapping.

If you can please explain that we can think of a logic.


My goal is how to output the value to columns instead of rows, but there’s a condition in the data the value can be empty like this :


I was trying to transpose the value but it’s not working. So can I link the value to the header or maybe group it by customer ID so it will output columns instead of rows?

Hi @Rhys18,

What is the logic of writing the value 2813000 under the column of 2022/05 here?


I’ll refer the 28130000 as Sum Value and 2022/05 as due_date

So from my project, the sum value is the amount in that month. For example :

2022/05 : 28130000
2022/06 : 28130000

There also might be a case where in random months the sum value is gonna be 0 or NULL like this :

2022/01 : 28130000
2022/02 : 0 or null
2022/03 : 28130000

Note : All my data (the due date, customer ID, customer name, and the sum value) are queried from database and have to be written to excel. So there are no reading excel file…

Hey @Rhys18

How are you actually deciding to map 2813000 to Andy that’s my query ?


I’m thinking any possibility that can be done :

  1. Is it possible to map it with customer ID since it’s the unique value?
  2. Can dictionary use to map the value and the header? (header is the months, jan,feb,mar, etc)

Hey @Rhys18

That can only be decided if you can explain the business logic behind it please ?

Like what rule you follow to do it manually


Okay I’ll give u an excel for explanation. You can ask me if anything is unclear

Excel.xlsx (10.3 KB)