Transition condition doesn't see generated data table


I’m successfully scraping my data and generating a new data table called DT1. However, when I want transition with the condition “DT1 isNot Nothing”, transition fails as if DT1 is not there. I can confirm DT1 is there with Output Data Table activity. What am I missing here?

Check the scope of data table…It should be sequence.
in variable section, change the scope of your data table


The scope is the whole script. When I change it into sequence as you said, it is giving errors as it is not defined in the following state machine that processes the scraped data table.

Here is the screenshot of the partial script:


I can’t get to Process Transaction, although data table is generated and defined in both state machines. Script is acting as data table does not exist, giving me the System Error. How am I supposed to make Process Transaction see that data table exists?

I found it. I needed an out argument that takes the data out of the first state machine.