Transform Outlook message into hyperlink and send it as REST parameter


this is my case:
I read Outlook messages and their attachments. From attachments I read desired data and then I send a REST API request into specific application with some parameters.

I would like to convert Outlook message into a hyperlink and send that hyperlink with REST request as an additional parameter so that a user could click that hyperlink after receiveing REST request in application. After clicking a hyperlink an Outlook mailbox should open targeting that specific mail from hyperlink.

Is this possible to make it using only UiPath activities? Is it possible at all using 3rd party tools?

It is possible to use third party applications, but the thing is, how can you convert the mail message as a link, I mean hyperlink? I don’t try that so I don’t know if there is a possibility to do that.

Else you can do one thing like, saving the mail message and send it as an attachment to the user.

Thanks for reply.

I have already known the way when I am saving a message as attachment but it is not solution to my problem. I need a message to be opened as original one.

You are right. The problem is how to convert a message as hyperlink. I had been looking for Uipath activity to do that but I didn’t find it.