Transform digital hours to a DateTime

I have the following problem. My UiPath App has calculated that a process takes 0.5 hours.

However, I can’t manage to convert 0.5 hours to 00:30.

So I want the text field of DateTime to show 00:30.

Does anyone know how to do this?

Because I want to add this calculated time, to the time given by the Now() function.

@Steyn_Muller1 ,

you can pass to Process and convert hours as minute and return it.

Other wise if you want to do on Apps direct you can do hours*60= minutes.

i.e .5*60= 30 Minutes.


I want to perform it on apps.
The problem is, when I multiply with 60, that when my process takes for example 1.5 hours, you get 90 min. And then the format should be 01:30.

See workflow:
Your time * 3600
Result is for 1.5 = 1:30:00
Result for 0.5 = 00:30:00


unfortunately Apps side do not have any Date format expression/function.

I know this is coming soon with Apps.


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Thanks @Arvind_Kumar1 . Would you be able to let me know when it’s available?