Transferring data from Word file to another Word file

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to automate basically copy and paste job. I want to transfer data from one word format to another word format. In the topic you will find sample files how they look like (this is just the first page usually document have 5-6 pages with 1-2 tables and pictures)

So basically what I try to archive is to transfer data from format 1 to format 2.

I have tried to use Read Word file to read format 1 and then use regex expression with match activity and get data from 1.1.1 sample text 1.1.1 to 1.1.2 sample text 1.1.2 and then use replace activity to replace it with format 2 data “Sample 1”.

But most of the times fail and cannot find the text and doesn’t look that good when it is successfully.

Is there any other way of just copying any text and paste it on other place. I’m struggling to find such solution.

format 1.docx (20.3 KB)
format 2.docx (13.2 KB)

Do anybody have any advices or ideas if this can be achieved ?