Transferring argument value from 1 workflow to other workflow

hiii guys,i’m getting taxid from the one workflow i put as out_taxid as argument and i gave the string variable taxid to the out_taxid argument.

but i’m not able to pass this value to another workflow to download monthly report. plz help me out.

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Buddy @venkatmalla6

Your argument definition is correct buddy
Kindly check whether you are getting values from the first workflow with the value for outtaxid…and make a check with writeline activity to display the outtaxid argument from first workflow buddy @venkatmalla6

hello @venkatmalla6
you workflow seem right …

once import argument not in Edit Argument on download monthly report. workflow and there pass the value as Taxid


@Palaniyappan the taxid for each vendor is coming inside my workflow,

as you see there the vendor taxid has been extracting and i came out from there and i invoked it and to that out_taxid i gave taxid,you can see it from my previous pics.but there i checked whether the taxid is writing or not,it’s not writing there.

@sandeep13 i didn’t get what you said bro. plz elaborate it.

Buddy can i have your xaml buddy @venkatmalla6
if possible
Cheers (539.2 KB)

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Buddy @venkatmalla6
Its very strange buddy as your xaml looks good with arguments,
alright fine buddy
did that write line between two invokeworkflow activities displayed the value of Taxid buddy
i wan’t able to see that in your screen rather the one inside the retrivetaxid workflow with writeline activity is fine, but i would like know whether it prints outside in the process between these two invoke workflows files.Kindly try that buddy

Cheers @venkatmalla6

@Palaniyappan no buddy its not writing the taxid in the write line activity which is in between the two invoke flow.but out_taxid argument which is inside the workflow is writing the taxid.

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Buddy change the type of both arguments buddy out_taxid and in_taxid as in/out buddy
lets try
buddy @venkatmalla6

did that work buddy @venkatmalla6

@Palaniyappan no buddy I don’t know what’s wrong with that.

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Buddy no worries @venkatmalla6
Close the uipath and stop the process of UiPath in task manager in start buddy
Then again open uipath studio
…remove those two invoke workflows and create a new invoke workflow activity for them…and try to import arguments again buddy…
Lets try…
Cheers @venkatmalla6

@Palaniyappan i’m getting error only for this. Remaining other bots are running fine.

Did that work buddy… @venkatmalla6
The last one I mentioned

@Palaniyappan no not yet tried buddy, have to try, I’ll let you know.

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Yah that would work i hope…
Kindly let know buddy @venkatmalla6

did that buddy… @venkatmalla6