Transfering excel update to SAP

Hello, since in the company changes are always made in the Excel files, the basic data in SAP is not correct. Also, the SAP data is not adjusted afterwards.

What exactly do I have to do, that after updating a record (or a cell) in the Excel list, the data in SAP is also taken over.

thanks in advance.

Hi @Khat ,

Can you please elaborate more what exactly you want to achieve?

Hey @ermanoj3101

I want to create a link between an Excel main file and SAP. And when the data is changed in the Excel list, the data should be automatically transferred to SAP.

I really appreciate any help you can provide.

You can perform this task by having one status column in excel file and when bot upload data to SAP it will mark those as succes in excel and when fresh data get added to excel again then bot will filter new data only and that to SAP.

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I have tried it now, but apparently, I am using the wrong bot. Could you please tell me which bot you mean?

How many bot you have used for this process ?

What does that mean i am using wrong bot ?


Let us know how you are updating the excel file?
As @ermanoj3101 said you can have a status column and there while updating the excel file mark the status column as Updated
So in the workflow you can filter the datatable as updated records there you can use for each row activity and inside that place your activities to update in SAP system
Once it is done you can Change the column status to Success

Hope this may help you



Now I understand. Thanks :slight_smile: