Transfer the process from one account to the another within same server

Hello Everyone,

I already asked this question but didn’t get any responses so posting again!

I have a question regarding the process schedule.
I have already scheduled a process in one of the server with ABC account now ABC account is one person’s account who is leaving soon so we want to transfer the processes in XYZ account of the same server.
While we tested in XYZ, it is showing errors of " object reference" . We contacted Uipath support ppl as well but don’t know they are asking lot of questions which is not relatable to this and then they said - " this could be the selectors issues. Please add some delay and exception :roll_eyes:" . If that would be the issue then why it’s working in ABC account in same server. I really don’t know that whom should I ask! Please support me guys.

FYI - We have created Standard machine but as I said machine is same only account is different.


Make sure you’ve logged into that server as the new user etc. to deal with any of the usual first-run stuff.

Make sure no assets are linked to the old robot account.