Transfer the process from one account to other with same server

Hello Everyone,

I have a question regarding the process schedule.
I have already scheduled a process in one of the server with ABC account now ABC account is one person’s account who is leaving soon so we want to transfer the processes in XYZ account of the same server.
While we tested in XYZ, it is showing errors of " object reference" . We contacted Uipath support ppl as well but don’t know they are asking lot of questions which is not relatable to this and then they said - " this could be the selectors issues. Please add some delay and exception :roll_eyes:" . If that would be the issue then why it’s working in ABC account in same server. I really don’t know that whom should I ask! Please support me guys.

FYI - We have created Standard machine but as I said machine is same only account is different.


Hello @hemal,

My concern here is that you mention the bot account is associated to a person, so if the environment is shared with end users (even if they’re developers ) it is very likely that the environments for both accounts are not exactly the same, so actually you will need to troubleshoot the process if you want it to be executed by another user.

Said that, I don’t have much context of the error other than “object reference”. Whenever you see those kind of issues is likely one of your variables/arguments is pointing to a resource that doesn’t exist or that is not correctly mapped. So, first check point will be to check if there’s anything that’s hardcoded or assets that are pointing to the old user’s session, verify the config file, check the versions of the applications used.

If you want help with anything specific please share additional conext like error messages or screen captures.

Thanks for your response.

Here why the object reference ? Because while we do login remote and see the items at the same time it works well! Once we log out the remote server it throws the object reference errors. So it is obvious it didn’t get that image or UI/ selectors that it was looking for so here the query is while in other account it works perfectly without doing login! While here it’s not working well.

Any suggestions?


Can someone please throw some lights! :sob:

Hello can someone tell me my issue!