Transfer Queue items value from "Get Transaction Item" to "Process.xaml" in REFramework

How can I transfer the value of Queue items from “Get Transaction Item” to “Process.xaml” in REFramework

store the queue item inside transactionitem. You need to use both arguments and variables

I am sorry, seems like I didn’t explain my problem well enough. In REFramework, we get the values of queue items in “GetTransactionData.xaml” under “Get Transaction Data” state. Now in order to get the queue items values in “Process.xaml” under “Process Transaction” state, I need to invoke “GetTransactionData.xaml” in “Process.xaml”, and then get the values from arguments declared in “GetTransactionData.xaml”.

Q1. If we have to invoke “GetTransactionData.xaml” in “Process.xaml” then why are we invoking it in “GetTransactionData” state. We can do it without having “GetTransactionData” state. I am able to create and get the values of queue items in arguments declared in “GetTransactionData.xaml” but now, how can I get those values in “Process.xaml”

Q2. Will invoking “GetTransactionData.xaml” at two locations i.e. “GetTransactionData” state and “Process.xaml” not execute it twice?

I don’t think you are correct. The two are separate stages of the overall Framework. The relevant arguments are passed between the two

I have fetched the required queue item values in “Out” variables created under “GetTransactionData.xaml”, now how can I pass them into “Process.xaml” without invoking “GetTransactionData.xaml”, please help!

Once the “Framework\GetTransactionData.xaml” has been completed the out arguments will be the out_TransactionItem, io_Transaction data and any of the individual field arguments if you have used them.

At this stage the values are now stored locally in the Main.xaml variables of the same names, TransactionItem, Transaction Data etc.

You pass them as ‘In’ arguments from the Main.xaml variables to the Process.xaml. Typically you’ll only pass a single transaction item in, the other transaction data variables are used for logging.

You should revisit the ReFramework training to better understand this.

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Thanks Peter!

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