Transfer data from temporary file to new and final excel file

Im almost done of my sequence and i just need to copy the content from my AccountList excel file to BTS file. My BTS file has a built-in lookup table so i just need to get few rows from the AccountList instead of getting all the data. Can you assist me on how to execute this? Thank you in advance

Hi @julius.mapili,

Based on what condition you are getting few rows from Account list.

Hi anil5,

Yes, infact i’ll be needing column “C” (Account Number), column “G” (Due Date), column “L,M,N,O” for invoice details and to be transfered to my final bts file

Hi @julius.mapili,

You can use the below condition to get the specific column names from Account list


“ID”,“Age” - These are the column names, specify which all column names you want to get from your account list datatable.

dt - Specify the account list datatable.

Refer the sample xaml file with input

Test.xaml (28.2 KB)

Reading.xlsx (8.6 KB)

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Thank you so much. Appreciate your help!

Hi @julius.mapili,

Is the above solution working for your scenario.

i encountered couple of logic that actually put me on halt. I have an existing data table that can be used however there are values in the temp file that i need to omit first before transferring it to the final file.

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