Transfer data from an app to another app

I’m just starting to learn. Help me please. I need to transfer the data from app 1 to another app 2
The first part was done with “screen scraping”. How to send data to the other app ?
every idea or suggestion would be very helpful.

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Can you explain it further? is this mobile app where you want to enter data or web app?

it’s an web app
moving data from the old app to the new one.
automate the process that take the data from the the app A and write it in the app B


Scrap the data from app1 that you are already doing. create a dataset/datatable.
open app2 and use foreach row loop and inside loop use type into activity and enter data into app2.

Hi @Soukaina_FAROUQ

Please try this,

  1. Hope you are already taking the data from app1 using screen scrapping, hence its datatype is string.

  2. Use any of the below methods to enter the data that we scrapped from app1 to app2

  • Type into activity
  • Set text activity
  • We can also copy the text from the variable to clipboard using set to clipboard activity and use send hotkeys (ctrl + v) to paste the data from clipboard to app2

Try all the methods above and check which one is work for you based on the application you are automating.

Hope this helps.



Pls share us the way you can enter it in app B
So that we can come up with exact activities to be used

For now, as you have scrapped from app A the output will be of type string

If you want to feed the data from that string by type into or copy paste then it’s fine with below activities
—SET TO CLIPBOARD and SEND HOT KEY acts with key as Ctrl+v


If it is something that app B can accept csv file or xlsx file as input then we need to convert the string obtained from screen scrapping TO DATATABLE

And that can be done by sending it to GENERATE DATATABLE activity and the output will be datatable dt
Which we can write it to a excel with WRITE RANGE activity

Pls let know for any queries or clarification

Cheers @Soukaina_FAROUQ

Hi @Soukaina_FAROUQ .

Is your issue resolved?


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