Transfer a project from Studio Comunity to Enterprise

I’m copying the project files from a studio comunity to an enterprise, but when I open the project 90% of activities was removed.

Anyone can help me?

Hi, this is not supported as community edition version is newer than enterprise, so it can happen that some activities doesnt even exist in enterprise, so you will have to try until you fix everything or replace what cant be exported. One thing to try is importing just the xaml file and not the project.json file and after click manage packages and try to fix dependencies from there.

Did you add any new packages in the “Manage Packages” window?

You may need to downgrade some packages if applicable (and replace others as mentioned by bcorrea).

Hi guys

Yes… I was also just about to say it downgrade the dependencies to suit a version that enterprise version has. Basically if you downgrade to the highest version enterprise version has, it should not be a problem… I have tried this multiple times and it worked for me


Hi @snLeonardo
If I explain a bit while agree with @Lahiru.Fernando
Assume :
you are using 19.4 enterprise
And you development studio version is 19.10 or like that, so when you develop it via 19.0 and deploy to 19.4 version it may have issue

So it’s also better to keep same community edition version setup will help you a bit and will be less issue
Eg : keep and develop vai community studio 19.4
and your enterprise is also 19.4 probably no issue


Thanks guys, I was copying the wrong files. :blush:

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