Transactions within Transactions

Hi All,

We have a scenario where one of our vendors can raise a case with us to detail multiple invoices which they believe are overdue.These individual cases are automatically loaded into a queue using the SalesForce connector.

Using ReFramework, the TransactionItem contains the case number, and using this we retrieve a data table containing the list of invoices which have been queried.

At present i have two options in mind to tackle this scenario

  1. Loop through the data table within process.xaml handling each line.
    Pro: easy to understand, allows for completion of 1 case before moving to the next
    Con: limited error and retry facility from reframework

  2. Implement a dispatcher/performer model, where the dispatcher loads the individual invoices into a second queue and the performer actions this secondary queue.
    Pro: allows for easy retry/error handling, allows for tracking of volume and handling time in Orchestrator
    Con: complexity to reconcile invoice line resolution against parent case resolution.

I can see the benefit of both, but feel the reconciliation piece might make option 2 much more difficult to implement with any stability.

Does anyone have experience with a similar scenario?


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