Transactions queue - how often does it refresh?

Hi There

I ran the dispatcher for WI4 yearly report. Why does it show zero transactions in the queue but in the show transactions page it shows there are 17.


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Good morning Colin,

The queue page should update at the same time as the transactions page.

Just to verify, would you mind refreshing the page and validating that the numbers are still out of sync?

Hi Carey,

To be absolute sure, I deleted the Queue and recreated a blank one. I reset my test data. I reran the Dispatcher. I refreshed the Transaction List. i refreshed the Queue itself.

I have 19 transactions but the Queue still looks like this:

When you run performer then status of queue will be changed .

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Hi Sandeep / Carey,

I just checked the queue again and it has refreshed. It seems the display does not refresh immediately. It was about 5-8 minutes after:


Hi @ColinCrabtree

Just now only I saw the post…

I have also come across this same scenario multiple times. As you just found out, it usually takes about 10 minutes to get the page updated with the values… :slightly_smiling_face:


What is “performer”? Can you elaborate on what this is and how it is executed / run…?
My Queue Page has completely stopped updating. I has been over a day. We were trying to install / stand up another new instance of Ochestrator, so not sure it that somehow changed something or a configuration…Thanks.