TransactionID to TransactionID("WIID").ToString does not work?

so what do I do? it doesn’t work and do I put it in that assign activity? it is not clear to me!

Thanks and Cheers!

Hi @BjrnUitenbroek

TransactionID is a string that represents an identification of the transaction. So, when you try to use “WIID” (as a key for a dictionary), it won’t work since TransactionID is not a dictionary.

The dictionary that contains the “WIID” key should be TransactionItem, which is the queue item. So, essentially you are assigning the WIID from the queue item that was added into the Queue in Orchestrator, then assigning that to the TransactionID for identification. TransactionID basically is just used in the analytics (logs) so you can see which item was being performed when an item is successful, fails, or retries.

I hope that explanation helps.

So, just change out_TransactionID("WIID").ToString to out_TransactionItem.SpecificContent("WIID").ToString in the right side of the assign.

EDIT: correction to include specificcontent which is required for queue item types.

I also apologize if I am wrong on this, cause I’m not looking at the ACME assignments right now.



Nevermind i fixed it thanks for your help @ClaytonM