Transaction number not remaining same

Hi All,
I am working on 2 set of data in excel.
First data set- Input data sheet –
Second data set- Input data sheet –

I am going to another sheet for reporting after every execution –
Although I am able to concatenate Project Id correctly but Transaction Number is not coming as per screenshot.
Any help will be appreciated.

It looks like you’re incrementing the transaction number for each sheet. Instead, make sure you’re incrementing it for each row that’s inserted. For example, when you read Sheet 1 into a datatable, iterate through each row and set the transaction id to RowIx + 1, where RowIx is an Int32 variable in the For Each Row loop. There is a parameter in this activity which will keep track of the index for you automatically.

@Anthony_Humphries - Currently I am getting Transaction No as -

But my requirement is to get the Transaction No as –

First Iteration with 3 set of data and Second Iteration with 2 set of data.
It will be great if you could provide with the xaml if possible

Are you using Append Range to write the data? If so, use a For Each Row loop and set row(0) to TransactionNumber using an Assign activity.

@Anthony_Humphries - Thanks its working fine now.