Transaction log attempted without transaction Id

Hi, I am getting the following error:

  1. in_Prefix was not provided.
  2. Transaction log has been attempted without transaction Id.

Any advice.


Hi @Anived_Mishra ,

From the Image, we have a Different Error Showing Up than the Below :

If the Invoke Method is the Problem, then instead of Invoke Method, we can use an Assign Activity to Perform the Reverse like below :

OutputEmail = OutputEmail.Reverse.ToArray

Let us know if it doesn’t work

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Sorry attached the wrong picture.


Hope you want to reverse the array.

If yes then remove Invoke Method activity and try below expression.

      OutputEmail = OutputEmail.Reverse.ToArray
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I hope you created Initialise Transaction library here. Can you please check your library xaml file whether you passed all required arguments to it or not.

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@Anived_Mishra ,

It looks like you are using a Custom Activity/Library.

And Based on the Errors, The Activity Requires you to provide the in_Prefix parameter to it.

You Should be able to Solve it either by looking at the original code/Maybe understand it’s documentation if any provided.

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Ok yeah, I will check with documentation again. Thank You

I will check, thank you.

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