Transaction error at level 3 assignment 1

Hello all,
I am trying to assign the id of the current transaction from the datarow and i came across this error.
Please help.

Yup, as told in the other thread, do not change this assign value. Keep as default. only update the first seq not the logging one :slight_smile:

yes, thanks :slight_smile:

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Hi nadim,

If i store transaction id as now.string which is the default value, then the current time will be stored right.

But i wanted the current id to be stored so that i can give that id variable in the url to open that id page

Okay. I tried what you are doing and i am not getting the error.

Can you check the value is out_TransactionItem(“WIID”).ToString

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hey nadim. Thanks for replying.

I got it .
The mistake that i did was that the transaction item was stored as object type instead of datarow.



Great! :slight_smile:

Hi @nadim.warsi

could you please help me with this:


Thank you

Hi @gaurar

could you attach the screenshot (upload),
Its not clear enough.

Hi @karnik

Sure, please find attached


Please find the below error in detail:

out_TransactionID should be of datatype String

Hi @gaurar

The argument type of out_transaction item is of datarow array in your case .
It should be just type datarow.
I mean it should be of

I changed this…

out_TransactionID is String only…not sure how to change it…

your transaction id type is correct .

so now what is the problem you are facing?

can you send me the screenshot of the same after the changes you have made.


Please find below:

HI @gaurar.

Assign the current datarow to out_transactionitem .

Looks like you are trying to assign it in the column.

just use “out_TransactionItem =in_WlList(in_TransactionNumber-1)”