How the TransactionNumber variable value increases even we didn’t use any counter here, can you tell the logic? @Palaniyappan @lakshman


it will get incremented automatically buddy
its in a loop
you can check in this xaml SetTransactionStatus.xaml
Cheers @balkishan

No there is no loop using here bro,
This workflow is look like this…
And we assigned the TransactionNumber value 1 for this we didn’t use any loop and counter to increment it. So I want to know how it’s value automatically increased.

check with SetTransactionStatus.xaml buddy
in process transaction state
Cheers @balkishan

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Here is no loop bro??


Goto SetTransactionStatus workflow and check Success and Handling Business Exception. There you will find it.

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Buddy io_TransactionNumber is the one argument been assigned to the variable TransactionNumber with out direction
and here it is getting incremented with 1,
as it get backs to the get transaction data state i meant as loop
Cheers @balkishan

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Okay got it bro Thanks

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Cheers @balkishan

Bro small query, Please reply.
As here AddLogs Activity used so where it’s writing/updating the values.
inside the yellow color line where these Arguments names are mentioned or we have to write on our own.
As these in_TransactionField1, in_TransactionField2, and in_TransactionID doesn’t fetching any values then why are we using these. can you please clear this doubt.

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these logs we can see the view logs option in robot tab in orchestrator

Cheers @balkishan

where these Highlighted Arguments Name are mentioned, are we fetching these or we are giving the name according to the Right side Values???

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