Training ML model On-Premise

Hey Everybody!

I started using UiPath Forums recently. Forgive me whether i misplace this post in the categories.

I’ve been researching and testing Document Understanding feature using UiPath Community Studio. From reading official documentation on this topic, i have some doubts about the upcoming release of this functionality on-prem.

Once it’s available, will a company have ownership over a ML Model? If that’s the case, how about hosting the model locally and training it for specific business purposes?

I’ve looking into some community posts about re-training. However, all of them talk about Classifiers training and not about Extractors training. Will the latter be even available in On-Premise version? The Documentation remarks the need of creating a custom activity for re-training extractors

Thanks in advance!

Hello @Ignacio_Martinez,

Model retraining is available on-prem under some strict preview rules. Please reach out to your UiPath contact to find out more about it.

Models with custom training will be under the ownership of the company as far as that instance of the model training goes, of course. This only applies for on-prem or custom models in the cloud platform, under the customer’s account.

Retraining is available “offline” (with same conditions as in the first paragraph), and will soon get some sweet enhancements.

Hope this helps,