Training Material - Level 1 Foundation

Currently going through the Level 1 Foundation course and have come to a halt as i’m unable to follow the robot being created, particularly, I don’t have the activity needed to continue, its App Integration>Database>‘Connect’

I have installed all packages available in the package manager and it still hasn’t been added… ??

Appreciate any help/responses Thanks

Did you try installing ‘UiPath.Database.Activities’? ‘Connect’ activity should be available within it.

Rammohan B.

Hi @fletchy8888,

I don’t know which version that u r using. Currently you have latest version CE 2018.3.0. Please try it by the below link .And also try to open the UiPath studio Run as administrator.

If nothing not helps you.The final(unavoidable) solution is that to do the uninstall the Studio and reinstall it. Definitely It will work.



I am using Community Edition, i have looked through all the packages in the manager and “UiPath.Database.Activities” is not there… ??

thanks for the help…

Do it like this:

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