Training 2 level 3 slow site ACME

HI all,

I have a question. Currenly I’m bussy with the second assignment of level 3. I think I have build a proper Robot. However, when entering the Data TaxIdVendor, selecting the month and selecting the year takes ages. Does someone have explored the same issues. If yes. how did you fix this.

Thanks in advance for your reply

what does “takes ages” mean? Minutes? Hours?
It’s good to practice how to handle slow websites as well. In most cases you simply have to extend your timeouts of you actions waiting on something of the level3 training.


Change Wait for ready from Interactive to None in properties for that selectors.


May I know what exactly is slow here? Try doing the same steps manually without the robot… Is the website slow? if not… is it slow when running through the robot?

You can do few things…
Extend the timeout period to wait for a longer time to respond… it should work for you…