Train Extractors activity remains suspended

I am running the orchestration process workflow. The train extractors activity remains suspended and it gives this message:

Any hep will be greatly appreciated.

Hi @Rachita_Chauhan

Orchestration Process is a project type designed to run long-running workflows.

If you drill down the workflows in the template project, you will see these activities used in combination (see highlighted)

Just to touch on some basics, a few keywords that you should research are:

  1. Long Running Workflows
    Go to the above URL and scroll down the the “Long Running Workflows” section.
  2. Persistence Activities
    The activities you’re looking for are UiPath.Persistence.Activities
    These activities have features that enable your robot to wait for a manual action to complete and resume automatically.

This is enabled through Supports Persistence option in Project Settings:

If you are looking for a simple Document Understanding template that doesn’t require persistence, Finally, I ABSOUTELY recommend checking this template out:

It’s been released very recently and has everything you need for an Action Center enabled framework.